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Join us on a volunteer service program that crosses the generational divide with LGBT volunteers of all ages!

Engage the world in ways you’ve never imagined! As a Global Volunteer, your skills and energy can make all the difference to children and families in need. Friendly and accepting communities welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people to work alongside local people on significant development projects. Volunteer independently on any of our standard teams in 17 countries, or arrange an LGBT service team for your school, youth, arts or professional group in these fascinating and open-minded cultures:


Affordable; Authentic

SAGE and Global Volunteers partner to bring you this exclusive LGBT team!

Teach English, paint and plant. Learn from farmers, students, artists and community leaders - and share your own experience of daily American life.

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An Adventure in Service

SAGE and Global Volunteers partner to bring you this exclusive LGBT team!

Work with students of all ages as well as blind career-seekers to provide a passport out of poverty - English language skills. Explore Hanoi and leave a legacy of meaningful service. MEET LOCAL LGBT COMMUNITY MEMBERS AND ALLIES DURING YOUR FREE TIME!

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Cook Islands

South Pacific Service

Tutor students in English, numeracy and computer skills. Play with preschoolers, update a library and more while sharing the colorful island culture.

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Costa Rica

Pura Vida

Assist this vibrant community with labor projects such as renovating buildings, landscaping public spaces, painting classrooms, and improving eco-tourism.

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Care for Kids

Enjoy the spectacle of ancient Andean culture and geography while working at lively preschools; teaching English skills or upgrading the facilities.


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Seaside Service

Teach in summer English camps or school classrooms on Crete – the Minoan capital and site of Knossos, the Samaria Gorge and endless memories.


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Viands and Volunteers

English teaching by day in breezy classrooms with high-energy students, and sumptuous cuisine, coastlands, art, and conversation at day’s end.


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English in the Neighborhood

Learn about Mexico's colorful customs, strong family traditions and proud national identity while teaching English to grateful college students striving to improve their futures.


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Teach the language of Opportunity

Channel your “inner teacher” through games, songs and lessons in secondary and university classrooms – all in the land of Machu Piccu, the Nazca Lines and legendary cuisine.


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Blackfeet Reservation

Inside Perspective

You'll assist with labor, office and recreation projects, and experience real "rez" life - the rhythms, traditions and spirit uniting Indian Country across the nation.

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Volunteer Service Program

Frequently Asked Questions

About Global Volunteers LGBT Programs

As laws evolve to promote LGBT acceptance worldwide, we know that uniting LGBT people in service or on educational exchanges globally encourages a culture of understanding and mutual respect. The awareness of different sexual orientations and gender identities arising from community-level people-to-people efforts promotes enlightened interactions on local, national and international levels.

While our volunteer projects at each of our program locations are not devoted to working with local LGBT organizations, we believe our program has a long lasting, positive impact on the worldwide LGBT community.

We believe that by placing LGBT volunteers in communities around the world to work side-by-side with the local community members, people learn that we are actually more alike than different. It's in this discovery that respect naturally emerges creating a foundation for peace that will ultimately promote human rights for all.

Program Excellence is our Service Legacy!

We encourage mutual international understanding and respect through people-to-people service – affirming that respect is the ultimate doorway to peace. Furthermore, a steady stream of short-term volunteers ensures long-term development support and local self-reliance. Volunteers rely on our field expertise to ensure they’re fully engaged in the work projects, and consistently rate the program (preparations, logistics, work project) above 4.0 on a 5-point scale. Plus, our goal is inclusivity on all service programs – enabling you to feel comfortable to contribute fully and freely.

Safety Trumps Everything

Your health and safety are our top priorities on all volunteer vacations. “Safety Trumps Everything,” our motto for over three decades, is primary in all we do:

  • Properly vetting our LGBT program locations to ensure all of our volunteers will be welcomed
  • Monitoring US State Department bulletins
  • Suspending programs upon US travel warnings
  • Escorting volunteers to/from the gateway airport
  • Arranging commercial lodging and meals (in most countries)
  • Furnishing bottled or purified water daily
  • Securing commercial transportation and reputable drivers
  • Supervising every service project assignment
  • Recommending team security measures
  • Coordinating collaborative service daily

Full-Day Service Assignments

What is a “day in the life” of a Global Volunteer like? You'll primarily work on service projects each weekday, with evenings and weekends available for free time. Your assignment(s) may be in one or several locations. However, you’ll be engaged, on average, eight hours a day in work preparations and at the work site to provide maximum value to the host community. We strictly adhere to IRS requirements for eight hours per day of work, five days out of seven, to ensure you can claim this tax benefit. When combining federal and state income tax savings, you'll recover about 33 percent of the total service program cost.

"I have great respect for Global Volunteers' philosophy and policies. With each trip, I'm touched and humbled by the possibility of helping local people. Global Volunteers enables me to not just be a passive world traveler - but to be an active participant; a "citizen diplomat."

~ Norina Vaira, volunteer on 19 service programs

The needs in the host communities are vast, and so are the opportunities to make a genuine difference. All development projects are organized to help deliver essential services identified by local leaders. While our host's priorities might vary throughout the year and work projects may be different from community to community, most of the work falls into one of the following categories:

  • Education/IQ: Conversational English, math, science, health and nutrition, computer literacy, geography and the like.
  • Painting, repairing, building and landscaping school facilities.
  • Nutrition: Establishing, planting, maintaining school and household gardens. Teaching fitness and healthy food preparation.
  • Child Care: Stimulating, nurturing, feeding, and playing with babies, toddlers and pre-school children.
  • Health Care: Assisting with non-invasive procedures such blood pressure checks, Diabetes screening, eye exams, Malaria and Dengue Fever prevention and de-worming programs.
  • Providing HIV/Aids Instruction, modeling soap and water hand washing, offering community public health.
  • For more information about Service opportunities, please contact the LGBT Program Director, Linda Schlapp, at

Every program immerses you in full-day itineraries (8 hours) with evenings and the weekend for free time to enjoy local color and cultural events.

If you choose one of our scheduled LGBT teams or form your own group, you may have the opportunity to meet local LGBT community members and allies during your free time to discuss issues relevant to the LGBT community. Program participants and the local community can incorporate what they learn into their everyday lives - leading to long-term friendships and partnerships within the global LGBT movement. These outings will be arranged if members of the local LGBT community are available at the location you choose and during the dates of your service program.

Each work day follows this general itinerary:

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Team Meeting
  • Transportation to the work site
  • Serve on project assignments
  • Midday meal at work site or hotel
  • Work project – (if teaching, the afternoon may be used for class preparations)
  • Transportation to hotel
  • Evening meal at hotel, local restaurants or volunteers may be invited to local homes
  • Free Time or team event
  • Weekends and evenings are available for exploring the community and attending LGBT cultural program activities if available. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in free-time activities as a group or independently. Team members may also be invited by local people to join them at community events – weddings, parties, community celebrations, etc.

Global Volunteers is a non-profit international development organization and is the sole provider of such short-term volunteer vacation programs dedicated to LGBT volunteers, their families, friends and colleagues.

Service Program fees include three meals per day, lodging in tourist-class accommodations, ground transportation, emergency evacuation insurance, a trained team leader, project materials and administrative costs.

Alumni, group, family and student discounts are available. Contact Linda at 651-407-6125 to learn more!

Service program fees for volunteer vacations and all your program-related expenses (including travel, visas and the like) are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

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To discuss Global Volunteers programs and group service opportunities, please contact: Linda Schlapp, LGBT Program Director.




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